Drniš is a town in canyon of the river Cikola, 33 km northeast from Sibenik. High up the town is situated turkey fort from 16th century. The chief occupation is fruit growing and viniculture. Town lies at the edge of the Cikoly valley.

Ivan Mestrovic – great Croatian sculptor lived from the childhood in near Otavic (from Otavic were his family, he was born in the village Vrpolje ve Slavonii at 1883). The collection of his tasks is located in the born house of the publicist Bozidar Adzij, who dies in the second war.
Drmiš - Mauzoleum MestrovicDrmiš - Mauzoleum Mestrovic
Mausoleum Mestrovic
Drmiš - Wine productionDrmiš - Wine production
Wine production